The Only Champion That is Unkillable at Enemy Fountain

Unkillable Chogath 39000 HP Unkillable even inside Enemy Fountain
Latest Patch in PBE (7.3) Allow Chogath to Feast infinitely. With Warmorg, Spirit Visage and 3x Ocean Drakes Cho'gath becomes unkillable even in enemy fountain! Also his size dramaticly increase Facebook: Twitter:
As some people already know Cho'gath Ultimate (Feast) changed in PBE. Now you can stack more than 6 Feasts and its damage is scaling with your Max Hp rather than your AP now. I tried to the unkillable Sion before but his hp pool in 1 hour game only gone up to 16k which was not enough to be able to survive in enemy base with his own sustain. But With this new {{champion:31}} patch it is possible to get around 40k HP and with 3 Ocean Drakes , Spirit Wisage and Warmogs your sustain is enough to survive in enemy Fountain as much as you like!
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