Make latest 20 or at least 5 games possible to be replayed after new patch hits

So new patch hit and we no longer can replay games, even if they were played yesterday or even some hours ago. This sucks when you need to spectate your games for mistakes and no longer can, because you did not have any time or focus left. After waking up, I remembered the I made a flashy play in ranked, which at first I underestimated the quality of, but after a good sleep, I decided that it deserves to be made into a clip and shared to the world, but it was no longer possible. As an argument towards this feature goes the way replays work, being absolutely reliant on which patch it is to show right numbers here and there. Making this suggestion not worth the work on it. Thanks for reading this. P.S. did not know where to put this; "Champions & Gameplay" under the "Game" tab was the closest to this topic
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