Please change how role selection works in ranked.

**For normal games the system is perfectly fine, but for ranked it should work a lot differently.** I propose that the system to be where every lane is put into categories: **Main Role 1 and 2** - The two roles that you would want to play, works like it would now with the two roles you select. Will prioritise Main role 1 over 2. **Backup Role 1, 2 and 3** - Roles you would prefer not to play but will do if necessary. Will prioritise Backup role 1 over 2, and 2 over 3. **Blocked Role** - A role that you will refuse to play under any circumstance. Limited to one role. _Autofill would also be removed as this system is implemented for ranked only._ The way this system would work would be to do the same thing a sit does now, to prioritise your main roles and to give you an appropriate role if that is not available. Fill will still be an option for flexible players and the blocked role can be left empty if you want. This system is to give you the roles you want in an order and the option to remove a role you are not comfortable with, and not just pushing you into fill if you didn't get your main roles. Using my preferred roles as example: **Main Role 1:** Mid **Main Role 2:** Support **Backup Role 1:** ADC **Backup Role 2:** Jungle **Backup Role 3:** Empty **Blocked Role:** Top In ranked I am so sure that people would rather wait an extra 10 minutes or longer for a game than be given a secondary role or auto filled. Feel free to give feedback I just want a solution to the auto fill problem for ranked.
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