An idea behind the teaser: Shots of cleansing

So i was thinking a bit and in particular why these specific champions , first i though what they have in common and could not find anything , but then i realzed that they were shot in particular reagions of their body not just randomly killed and it would make sence that the shots are cleansing/ healing . Sona : Shot in her throat so she could speak ( she is mute ) . Zed : Shot in his head to cleanse the shadow's ( darkness ) inside him. Garen : Shot in his eyes cause all he sees is " justice " Witch probably blinded him ( in a way ) Vi : Something to do with her change in hearth ( she became criminal , then cop and criminal and a cop again? ) Its just a though though. Maybe u can help me with vi more since i have no idea about her tbh , these champions have nothing more in common. For sona and zed . Look at their videos: Zed is clouded by something that keeps the darnkess only around him but it cant get trough Sona video something is comming out of her mouth with could be : final breath ,Her speaking or Blood.
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