[POLL-Revert Reworks] I have the feeling that balance = too similar champions

So, Considering the latest changes that went live... Many people mentioned that Aatrox has become a riven with more life-steal. I have seen many reworks that have had an awful impact to the community. To mention some, take Galio, Zac.. One can think as champions being similar to each other because these balance decisions force them to have the same skill as other champions but with a different name - for example, dashes that empower attacks, pokes, etc. There is no excitement anymore in league because everything can be broken down in categories such as CC, nuking burst, AD range / assassins. So basically I main jungle since I started playing league, and here's the sad part about it: * If the enemy team goes full AD I'm forced into going Rammus/Malphite in most cases if I want to provide more usefulness to my team. I could chose other picks and still go full Armor but the counters are too obvious, but still they killed the anti-mage faucet of Galio. Now you play Galio, and can't even tank a single mage with %Health burns. * If the enemy team goes full assassins / insane damage comps I am forced to buy Gargoyle Stone-Plate, GA, because I know I can't be a tank anymore to counter those picks. Basically the meta is tunneled in this sense, and barely no-one is picking to counter certain ultimates / unique features of champions. You can build here and there a twin shadows, but in the end you can lose games alone for the draft, because of the categorizations mentioned before. Remember that Akali top that after starting the game said that was going full AD? I understand it's quite hard to keep uniqueness after having so many champions, but some of them have been really grayed out. It's 2019 and we still have a broken Master Yi true damage with no real counter, broken Jax, broken Urgot, broken katarina. I am speaking about hella old champions, not ones released few months ago, call those champs balance. So, why instead of keeping releasing champions with flashy lights, you actually polish the ones you have by making thoughtful reworks and caring about the mains who main those champions, instead of killing champions like that and graying them out?
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