Why Soloq is luck based.

Yeah, another one of "those" threads top kek. First of all, I do NOT agree with people claiming that you can play as good as some LCS player and still not climb in Bronze- Gold. Obviously XY player has multiple accounters in Challenger and can climb back there, or at least climb in high Dia quite fast, so thats nonsense. My problem is not that "the game is luck based and I deserve higher elo", my problem is the luck factor in general, win or lose doesnt matter. Lets say, you are in the elo you "belong", statistically youre as good as everybody else there. So roughly speaking, the game is 90% luck, 45% are losses, no matter what you do, but 45% are wins even if you dont do great (this only evens out if you play a lot of games tho). Of course the skill percentage gets bigger the better you are since you can make up for more, but Im talking about a game with and against players that are as good as you. This makes me think that Im playing more of a "grinding" game than anything else. Even if I win, I cant feel like I accomplished something because with a worse team, I wouldve probably lost. Does anyone else think like that or am I just retarded lol? Edit: I guess I shouldntve put "Soloq" in the title lol. Again, I am NOT complaining because climbing itself is luck. If you are better than your elo, you WILL climb, luck just determines how long that will take, which makes me think that I have to "grind" way more than I should. Another Edit/ tl;dr: Luck plays a huge role in Soloq, but it only determines how long it takes for you to get to your best possible rank. Skill is still what makes you win more than you lose/ vice versa (exceptions prove the rule ;D) Just because chances are likely to balance out at some point, the game isnt "not luck based". Imagine a dice with only the numbers 1 and 2 on it. If you roll a 1, you lose; if you roll 2 you win. The chances are 3:3 but its not balanced because of that and it wouldnt be "skill based" if a small factor of skill would be added. And thats what League is. A huge dice; your skill only affects some few games in a good or bad way.

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