My team just lost 1v5 from a Swain...

So, I am a fairly fed Sivir, 4 kills in lane, good supp, their bot lane pretty much sucked... their jg was a kayn that was pretty meh... their top laner an Illaoi that did ok, but not great... So, the time to leave lane comes... teamfight... Swain vs all... he is simply a tank that can one shot everything... he annihilates Tahm Kench's HP bar, so there goes my protection... cho gath tries to body block and get in his face... bye bye cho gath... his ult NEVER LETS HIM DIE... he gets INSANE healing... and then flash and poof... HUGE DMG with his ult reactivation... I mean come on... this is too much... every single time RIOT makes a rework we end up with another bullcrap, OP, overloaded kit, do it all champ... Is he a mage? is he a tank? what the hell is he??? A tank mage they tell us... well, how come the "tank mage" has more burst than half of the SQUISHY MAGES? and don't tell me he was fed... I was fed too, but I did NOTHING to him... All time classic... we keep believing in RIOT and once in a lifetime they give us a nice, normal dmg champ like Kai'Sa (she's good, can be a monster late, but you have to survive early to be that monster... lane is very hard, even harder than vayne I think, you have to be very good at avoiding and farming and she has terribly short range) and we think "ok, they got the message... don't give us bullcrap champs that do more than they should be doing..." but again and again they just make everything as OP as possible to make kids happy and sell more skins and champs for people that think "Oh, I'm gonna be a Swain main and go platinum this year..." I mean come on... I am fed and he is fed... why can he outlast a 1v3 with his ult like nothing??? This champ simply CAN'T DIE and his burst is so ridiculous that Ahri for example (a supposed "assassin") can't even think of dueling him unless she's like 6-7 kills ahead.... just stupid... you avoid 50 of his E and then you get hit by one (even by accident)... bye bye... one shot... by the "Tank mage"... just stupid...

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