The fun which the owners of Riot Games wanted, isn't real

TL;DR : Riot is a fail. Working for nothing. The fun of the game is gone. All good modes are gone . Riot just released that mode to face Dota2's new mode. Meanwhile Riot is focusing on 1v1ing Dota2. Dota2 is focusing on making the game fun. TFT is a joke and other game modes are the fun of the game . ______ Well, Riot made that boring mode just to copy past Dota's new mode. Its not fun. Its RNG . It bugs the client . It makes people tilt more. Riot, you got some smart people there. And everyone who got at least 1 braincell knows that Rioters there are giving their ideas to make the game better. But why you don't listen ? If you literally make the game fun to play none will complain. For example, Nexus Blitz was a great gamemode. 80% of people loved it, people who didn't was like "Meh, I don't like that. Let me play normals". They didn't complain about Nexus Blitz. Becaue Nexus Blitz didn't bring any problems to the client . Anyway, Riot justified the removing of Nexus Blitz was because people didn't play it so much . Well, you're just lying Riot. You didn't like the mode because it was fun to play and because most people moved to it instead of SR . And the real reason is that you don't have any ideas how games works. When League was released, "Ryze" and "Tryndamere" (owners of LoL) wanted to make a game that people enjoy . But you literally destroyed that game which these 2 created . I joined that game at 2016. I have no idea about the fun people was talking about before season 5 . But I'm sure that these people was right. They had fun, till some people joined to Riot in 2015 making the game worst and not fun to play . Since then, the game focused on 2 things : -Watching Pro Plays -Dota2 Yeah, the "fun" word was deleted from Riot's dictionary. They removed all the good things. Somethings like RGMs,honoring enemies (which I don't understand why they did that), and the balance of the game . They just kept destroying the game over and over and sending lies with New001. Its a fact. Riot ! You're bad with bussines. You didn't care for many things in that game, most important things. Most games have many game modes that are fun to play . In League we have 3 modes : SR,Aram,TT (Dead mode). And the modes that are rare like getting the exact skin you want from a random chest. You literally have to stop focusing on Pro plays and get good. I know no Rioter will see this, but ? At least I sent the msg . Pro plays won't make the game fun. Just wake up Ryze and Trynda. These people working in the shadows aren't making the fun game which you wanted to make . They are destroying it. {{sticker:sg-janna}}
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