Senna, as a support

So Senna's kit is amazing. I love how we get a "do it all" in a supp champ. The problem is, will she actually be played support? - Monsters spawn souls, this means that she could stack souls on the jungle; - All minions can spawn souls no matter the conditions, this means she can be played in a solo lane, or even as ADC; - She can heal herself with Q, incrising her sustain (even in a solo lane); This makes me wonder, will i ever be playing with her as a support? I came up with an idea, (maybe useless, but I feel like sharing it now): First we would make souls only drop when an ally champion kills an enemy minion (like the coin support iten). Making senna in a solo lane (or ADC) unviable (at least in the soul part). Second we make her abilities (and possibly her autos) more reliable on Mist, so that if she's farming the minions she won't get Mist and won't scale so well as she would if she was collecting the Mist droped by ally killed enemy minions. Examples: Maybe the abilities would scale with Mist; Maybe the ratios on her abilities would increase with Mist; Maybe all the AD she buys is multiplied by the Mist amount: like AD = itens_AD * Mist / 100
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