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Every game now at least one side of the map has a 'Support' who often does more damage than every other position on the team. Generally through AOE and items like Liandry's, and ye sure why not if it works, but nevertheless that still leaves the team with a hole where the Support used to be. Why is Riot alright with allowing the Support role to become, in essence, just another carry role? I could guess because they want people to _want_ to play Support, but that doesn't seem like a good answer to the problem. Honestly, with the buff/introduction of the new healing and shielding items (Redemption, new Aegis and so on), I've found myself enjoying champs like Morgana and Soraka way more. While these items don't exactly give you a ton more to do, they do allow you to have a much greater **impact** on the game. To me, that's where these high damage supports come in to play. They are an easy way to get around the feeling of having little impact on a game. You bully lane as best you can, pull a kill or two, and take over from there. Sure, you have a lot of impact this way, but I can't help but think this isn't how the Support _should_ be impacting the game. Like I mentioned before, items like Redemption and Aegis help for the more damage restricted supports. I do also think that items like those are definitely a step in the right direction (if Riot has an interest in keeping the Support role filled with actual support champions), and I would love to see a much wider variety of similarly inspired items be released. So, what does everyone else think of the Support role right now? Do you agree that Support is not the place for damage, or do you think it should be this jack of all trades position?
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