another "adc in 2k17"

I just want your opinions, about why is adc the worst role, imo with the tank meta they should be safe with enough protection, and with bans, u can ban the biggest threats to them, such as Syndra, Fizz, with a proper jungler, u can punish the other junglers mistakes, and counter jungle, for example if he is at top side, u can take dragon, or gank bot and push, with a proper support, the adc should survive, and with proper warding the chances to get gangbanged by mid top or jungler is decreased, and with the 7.2 patch, adc's will get advantage vs tanks, and with proper kiting, the tank will not get too close either. Anyways I just want your opinions, and give me a good motivation, as to WHY adc's sucks.
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