Who created Yasuo?

I am just here on a rant that pains me to write. Who the hell created {{champion:157}} and why is he above every other champion, fed or not? It's disgusting and ruins gameplay completely. YOU CAN'T PLAY AGAINST A YASUO. Because even if a 3 year old picks him, there is still going to be unfair destruction. In Ranked it's all good because he is first ban and that makes me really happy but normals? Not fun. He goes top jungle mid, bot lane and will still carry the game. I played against one with a fed {{champion:11}} on my team and guess what? That is cute because this Yasuo had Guardian Angel and with that he becomes a different story. Even if Trynda screams his lungs out for 30 seconds he wouldn't be able to do what a Yasuo can do with Guardian Angel. Do I also need to say anything about his ultra-protective passive that he gets very easily? Windwall? Scr*w me in the ars* and call me captain jack. You can say what you want but continously protecting against every single missile in a short cooldown? Not cool. Azir has that in a ult (Correct me if I am wrong?) Plus, lol at patch 7.11. They decreased his stacks to 6 seconds to troll everyone. Guess what Riot? This thing needs a nerf and a good one. Not a 4 second decrease in his tornado-spamming Q stacks. Also fun yet true note, do you know what happens in a Yasuo vs Yasuo fight? Both start calling eachother out for scripting. This is not a joke, trust me it has happened. I just want to have a conversation with the guy who said lets make this long-haired pixel destroyer an unfair advantage to every other legit player that plays legit, difficult champions. What is the logic behind the champion and why is he stronger than any other fed/not-fed champion? Why can't you nerf him like you've done to every other good champion that haven't required a nerf? Clearly everyone has an issue with Yasuo and when everyone does (YOUR CUSTOMERS), a business should listen. Cause at the end of the day you're a business and you live, eat and fart off of your customers paychecks. So listen this once for gods sake.
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