Support mains... anyone else struggling lately?

This season I have 1 dia acc, and 2 plat accs. I'm stuck in gold 3 on my fourth account with exactly 50% win rate last 30 games (15w 15l)... all in gold 3. My last acc, I had a 80% win rate with Sona until around plat 3 over about 50 games. My Sona win rate in gold 3 is currently 45%. Janna win rate is 50% in gold 3 - she is my main, I have around 1000 games played over the 4 accs on Janna but she feels gutted. Is it really the case that I only reached plat/dia because coin and ardent were broken? I seem to be performing best as Leona, with around 60-65% win rate, but she's often picked/banned and I don't really like playing her because of the flame you get as Leona in every losing game. It's somehow always your fault that your adc tower dives into 3 when you are going even/behind and you don't follow. It also doesn't really feel fair that Janna was only performing so well because of coin/ardent, they nerfed her into the ground, then nerfed coin and ardent because Sona/Soraka took her place but didn't reverse any of the changes they made to Janna's kit. Janna is now trash tier and will be joining Karma with a 45% win rate shortly. I'm about to give up ranked for the season... support has been trashed. Meta is shifting back to top lane tanks being played in support, and mid lane mages being played in support. That to me is not what the support role should be. Anyone else struggling?
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