Ilaoi is not broken.

No sarcasm.She isn't just avoid her freaking tentacles,shes almost useless w/o that,make her waste her ult,avoid E or AA her when it happens,or even better,keep 1 tentacle spawned near ur turet,no other tentacles will spawn near it,avoid it once let it be. Speaking as a guy that is trying to main and play illaoi at it's best,if you are planing to go 1v1 on her with 4 tentacles around ult out of cd,guess what?ur gona get erased from the map w/o even knowing the faq just faqing happened. Last games experience.WW tries to gank me,exactly NEAR my tentacle,like it was right behind him,never bothered to avoid even 1 single tentacle smash.Got destroyed. Played vs yas that nuked my tentacles and every time i W'd hed move out of the way,like avoiding jinx's W,he destroyed me. I went top every time in normals when i saw shes top just to confirm this few little tips.and i managed P.S. For the love of god stop trying to get out of the's not morganas ult,ur just gona vesel yourself faster.

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