Fiora MAY be borderline OP after her rework.

So basically Fiora after her rework is pushing a bit the OP status, and there are certain reasons I say that: - Extremely strong laning phase, with a OP level 1 which includes a gap closer ability and a passive that is one of the most overloaded (healing, true damage and MS boost), which basically zones you the minute 1 if you are a melee champion. She has a even stronger level 2 with a MS slow ability, and with ignite, if you are not careful enough, you'll die to her. - She doesn't have any weak phases right now. She has a strong early game coupled with a reasonably strong mid / late game with her ult which is a AoE healing ultimate, "Utility never falls off". Yes it requires skill to use now, but if you pull it on a squishy target, that's free healing for everybody on your team, which is big on teamfights; - Unstoppable monster if it gets the tiniest of the advantages; - Can even parry CC and autoattacks, which grants her a slow/stun on the target! Three sticking abilities which make short work of everybody. - Old fiora was stronger late game if ahead, but it had a pathetic early game, which composed a big factor to exploit in order to stop her from getting fed and basically destroying your team. New fiora simply doesn't have that anymore and if she plays with a half brain cell she WILL get fed and destroy you. Yeah, that's my two cents about Fiora's rework. And no, this isn't a QQ topic. I am of the opinion she deserves some nerfs to her laning phase just like Ryze deserved. Any opinions are accepted.
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