I'm at a wit's end

Please check my match history for this account. Gold 2 last season on a different account (plat 5 MMR). Decided to get this to gold with the new season. Got placed low, but didn't care. Went 21-14... until now. Now I'm 21-22 in win/loss (8 game losing streak what!). Not counting the two games I got autofilled, I absolutely stomped every single game but I simply cannot win... My teams are REALLY stupid. I have no clue what the F to do. I was in promos to silver 3 (or 2 if skip). Ever since then I keep losing. When I lost promos, I even got the message I get a free win next time in promos. But I'm just simply not winning, no matter what I do. I get fed/stomp, I communicate to try to lead them to victory (they either ignore or keep getting caught out, then blaming the rest of the team for it), I help other lanes with my lead... WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO TO WIN D:

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