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FAIR WARNING!!! **this is a rant** I like LOL. Its concept, I mean. You get to pick from a range of champs a few you will try to master - the more the better. There will be some stronger then others, but all situational (i.e.: there is no one-champ fits all games). What I like about LOL is its variety... you get to pick between many champs and items... Now (though I suspect it has been for sometime) this is no longer the case. You will have meta champions, some in the lymbo (these are those that come and go) and then you have those champs that simply cannot be used, as they are too easily countered by hard CCs (a pre-requisite for meta champs) or they lack these themselves. This limits rather drastically the variety of play... making the game for me rather unattractive. As I begun reading patch notes 5.6, I thought finally something was gonna change... how wrong I was!? Fix it or don't... may be better you don't that way I will feel compelled to move onto what will hopefully be a more constructive hobby. Just hope one day your reckless choices will come back to bite you in the ass Rito - you deserve that much.

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