LagsAlot's opinion about the possible Ahri charm change - High Elo Player [EUW]

**My opinion about the possible Ahri change.** This article is written by me -_ "LagsAlot" a high elo player on EUW_ - and contains my personal opinion on the possible Ahri charm change. Feel free to discuss the topic in the comments down below. In the latest PBE balance changes by _[SurrenderAt20]( Ahri changes were stated and I want to write my opinion about it. **_As a note: I know that the PBE is a testing ground but the change is really likely to happen._** So Ahri's charm will (most likely) not interrupt dashes any more which is a huge part of her counterplay since her charm was changed back in patch 5.2. **Before patch 5.2** Ahri's charm was the spell to prepare a guaranteed kill with because of the 20% bonus damage during the charm. Back then you tried to cast everything you have (especially Deathfire Grasp) after hitting a charm on an enemy to get the kill but this changed a bit after patch 5.2. **Ahri's charm **is still a way to secure kills but it doesn't grant her bonus damage during the charm any more, so that she doesn't have to rely on an aggressive charm to get a kill. The usual combo for kills or trades is still E-Q/W but Ahri's charm has another use - The Dash-Cancelling - which is most likely to be removed. This kind of play is especially used by High Elo Players but I am sure that everyone can pull it off and it doesn't matter if it is on purpose or not. **Cancelling dashes** in League of Legends is a huge thing and Ahri is one of those champions who are able to do that and which grants her a huge benefit in the midlane. Cancelling dashes does not mean that she only cancels the dash but more important the incoming damage. This helps here in many match ups (e.g. vs LeBlanc, Fizz, Diana) and made her a strong midlane pick. In my opinion Ahri will fall back in the game without "Dash-Cancelling" and she needs other buffs to stay good but not as good as she was. **I am still unsure** how the charm will interact with dashing targets but I hope it will interact as I describe after an example how to not do it. Renekton as an example can dash away during a stun if he starts the dash before the stun lands and if this happens to Ahri she won't be a possible Midlane pick any more in the current Meta with a lot of mobility champions. **But if Ahri's charm** is changed the way that the charm duration starts after the dash I can imagine that Ahri still can be an OK pick in Midlane Thank you for reading my latest League of Legends article and feel free to leave critic and questions in the comment section down below. **Don't forget** to read my article about ["Lifesteal Runes on ADCs in Season 6"]( as well. _Feel also free to visit my [Youtube Channel]( and my [Twitter]( **I wish you a very nice day. Cya in my next article.**
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