Patch 8.11. How the adc role began to change.

I started this Thread to talk about Patch 8.11 and the adc's changes which were made. As an adc main ( low Plat elo, which is by far not Challenger skillwise ), it feels like after the Patch got released I am a non-factor in the game. Since they nerfed the sustain in lane (fleetfootwork, health regen) you have to rely on your support even more than before. I'm going to explain myself. In my opinion, since Riot changed support Items and brought in ardent censer and Redemption, Supports dictate the pace of the lane. Because they did not only change items they also buffed serveral champions, like Janna ( even though they "nerfed" her, but thats not a nerf ). Even before 8.11 a good support who knows the ins and outs of his role could carry a lane singlehandedly, with this patch, they are even stronger (especially the ap supports). Now you are forced to take something else than fleetfootwork, because it is pretty much useless, so the only options are Lethal Tempo or Press the Attack. In most of the games you have to run bloodline instead of alacrity (less dmg), so you pretty much have that one Health potion for a laning phase, which can last longer than 10 Minutes. Of course, you can back and buy a few, but that could put you behind because your backtiming is bad so you lose Exp and Farm. What I am trying to say is, it nowadays really depends on the playstyle and Skill of your support rather than the syngery between both. If your enemy support pokes you out of the lane meanwhile your support just sits back and do nothing you pretty much lost the game, because you are a non-factor anyways due to the crit item changes. Some of you might say, that adc was sort of broken, but I have to strongly disagree. Adc was fine, we finally had a chance to actually "carry" a teamfight, to turn a fight around, maybe even snowball. What about other lanes? For Example Jungle or Toplane? If a toplaner like Camille gets ahead, lets say 3:0 before 10 Mins, you literally can't do anything as adc. She will just blow you up no matter what. That is something I call broken. People are whining about crit builds, adcs would oneshot "squishys". But if not squishies, who else should we oneshot? We are made to get turrets and to kill tanks. If the midlaner does not have a single defensive item its just pure logic that he/she will get blown up. Other way round: Why is it not broken when a Syndra can oneshot an adc? You might say: Well.. Camilles Job is to kill you. Yes of course I agree with you, but if so, if she is able to kill me with the old stats and builds, why would you change it? What are the thoughts behind all this? A second thought is that the games are way too fast right now. A game is most likely decided after the 10 Min mark, because either team snowballs so hard, that you aren't able to contest any Objective on the map. Games are finished in less than 35 Mins, most of them after 25. I miss the games in which you had the Chance to make a Comeback, to stall out a bit, lose an inhib or two, but with a good teamfight you were able to turn it around and may finish yourself. I'm honest with you, I'm pretty frustrated, because adc feels just useless. They are only 3 adcs left, which aren't as useless as the old crit item adcs are. Kai'sa, Lucian and MF. These champs deal at least a little bit of damage. But when I watch streams as imaqtpie or Shiphtur, like high Challenger players, there's no game I would say the adc really carried the game. This is just not how it supposed to be. If Riot don't want AD-Carries to carry, then rename them into Botlane Champs, because now they are carrying shit. What are your thoughts on the current Patch? Would like to read your opinions, or even your thoughts on my wall of text. Thank you for your attention
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