S7 is bad and completely balanced around LCS and not SOLOQ

this a long Rant about season 7. As a avid fan of this game.. i just feel like im losing interest in it entirely. Season 7 is just utter garbage and the string of changes that were in favor of LCS have been far to many to this point that it has destroyed SOLOQ and even normal games. if you ever wondered why the game is so snowbally and one sided well read this rant. ill just mention a few. **Macro** There were 2 Major changes that destroyed the game in my eyes. 1# overall reduction of towers stats + damage making them squishy towers and changing rewards to make them provide alot more gold.. changes like &#039;&#039;first blood tower and local gold increases etc&#039;&#039; 2# and if that is not bad enough a even more squishy botlane tower. Ever since the Botlane tower change that made the &#039;&#039;bot tower&#039;&#039; super squishy compared to all other towers... since than SOLOQ has gone to the dogs.. the Botlane tower goes down like paper and it usually just takes 2 roams or ganks max.. then its just a domino of towers falling Why was Bottower changed ? obviously because of LCS like all things are changed for that and why ?? because of laneswapping.. SOMETHING NEVER DONE IN SOLOQ EVER.. so its literally something unrelated to SOLOQ that has changed soloq.. just as a mention SOLOQ IS IN NO WAY SIMILAR TO LCS and WONT BE. Why is soloq different than LCS?? because there is no average level of teamwork.. there can be a average level of csing or mechanics in soloq, but definitly not TEAMwork and there is so little communication compared to LCS. Teams regularly refuse to communicate and teamwork is just like a casino usually. Having random strangers and &#039;&#039;towers so squishy&#039;&#039; yet offering so much gold is a recipe for frustration.. 1 MISTAKE and they give a Tower that provides as much or more than a kill. Its like Hitting a lottery jackpot and just need to be lucky to hit one. These GOLD filled juicy squishy towers.. force teams to dive and dive botlane and as result it comes to down to which team actually has the &#039;&#039;numbers&#039;&#039; to achieve it.. well your Jungler/Mid refuse to roam.. while the others do.. well SIR you are unlucky. By making the entire game &#039;&#039;revolve&#039;&#039; around Squishy towers and who gets to grab all 3.. you literally force players to &#039;&#039;rotate constantly&#039;&#039; But UNLIKE LCS you dont choose your teams and their all random in SOLOQ.. so it just becomes a CASINO.. does your midlaner know how to roam ?? does your toplaner understand how to TP.. Does your Jungler know how to get a tower. its all about the goonsquad now. Its not even about their skill anymore.. you can be Terrible at this game but if you know how to roam thats all that is needed. Just imagine a ANNIE roaming to botlane and pressing R.. and if TF doesnt follow her than its over. if your botlane happen to be really bad, not only will they die.. they will also gift them first blood tower. What happens to ADC/Support when they lose Bot tower ??? they cant farm their lane.. well whoopie doo. towers are worth aloot of gold.. 3 outer towers are worth 3k Team gold yes thats right 3k and teams with 6k gold leads are considered fed. Yes because of these &#039;&#039;Super Squishy fragile towers&#039;&#039; you spend more time darting around the map &#039;&#039;plugging holes&#039;&#039; than actually playing the game. The game doesnt feel skillful anymore.. .. **Winning or losing a lane matters very little now**.. Mechanics matter less and skill matter less.. you just have to KNOW where to group and who to jump and your fine.. **its all about &#039;&#039;ganging up&#039;&#039; as 5 man and diving people all night and all day** .. and 1 team that happens to have a guy that refuses to &#039;&#039;help their team defend&#039;&#039; has than cost them the game. **its litterally not about which team has better players.. but which team actually has worst players that refuse to roam or take towers.. nothing more.** this was always a issue in every season.. but season 7 has made it even worst by Rewarding more gold for macro than anything else. The laning phase is useless and the &#039;&#039;amount of gold&#039;&#039; gained by roaming is so extremly high that their is no other play style than darting around the map and hoping others dart with u. I mean look at ALL the winning champions, they are all good at ''rotating'' or Great at tower diving thats about all the game has narrowed down into and frankly there is only 1 Playstyle no matter what you play. **towers are so useless now that.. if anyone rotates first and groups to take it.. than its gone INSTANTLY before anyone can even TP to save it.** why is this problem.. well having teammates that &#039;&#039;suicide&#039;&#039; literally means that their handing not only kills but also a potentially even more lucrative tower that is worth more just as much as kill.. so just 1 such action means someone is stinking rich. Mistakes by individual team members result IN MAJOR MACRO loses TOWERS + BARONS and they reward faaar to much.. but thats fine and balanced for LCS.. but not for soloq.. the GOLD Rewards ARE TOO SNOWBALLY. **The game doesnt feel flexible and feels like it is forcing ''champions'' and even now ''playstyles'' because there is no alternative due to the MACRO being so strict <-- because LCS is being kept on a leash.** Just imagine for a moment.. Some champions are being Nerfed because they are ''too good in lcs''.. meanwhile those same champions have been underperforming in SOLOQ for ages.. thats simply because SOLOQ has nothing to do with LCS. but guess what we have to literally balance an entire game around players that have ''voice coms'' and coordination that NO SOLOQ ''group of strangers without voicecom'' TEAM will likely ever achieve on a daily basis.. does that make sense ? Does it make sense to BUFF and NERF stuff based on a platform that is so different ? and their macro is different and will remain different ? anyways i dont think this game is skillfull in any form this season 7
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