Buff Suggestion for Garen

Garen's Winrate is hovering around 46-47% since the tank item changes and Sunfire damage nerfs and there are still no sunfire compensation buffs on the horizon for our spinner {{champion:86}} . EUW.OP.GG is going as far as showing a 43% winrate for Garen in platinum or higher so I feel like some buffs might be adequate unless he gets a full rework soon. I don't think Garen needs any damage buffs since he can already deal damage if he has 1 or 2 damage items but since his passive is an out of combat passive and therefore is useless in teamfights he is lacking combat-survivability. My idea is to buff Garen's W Courage, which to me already seems like a quite lackluster active ability. I would propose adding a connection to his Passive Perseverance so that when Garen activates his W Courage he gains the Passive Health Regeneration for the duration of his W. This would basically mean that with a rank 5 W a Garen would regenerate 2,4%/4,8%/12% of his max HP at levels 1/11/16 within the 6 second W duration. That seems like a balanced amount of heal until level 16, where it looks more like an in-combat {{item:3083}} . Tell me if something sounds unclear and I'll correct it ;P I hope you like my Idea {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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