As many of you know, autofill is introduced into League of Legends in order to avoid waiting in queue quite a lot more. Although it helps, it also puts a lot of people behind in climbing, which is completely obvious, but it is a reasonable thing, or is it? {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} After Autofilled game, you get Protection for the next 2 games you play, pretty good huh? Well... meh, not so much {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} Autofill Protection is just removing autofill from your account for the next 2 games which means that every third game could be autofill (especially if you play mid lane as me). Well Hopefully if Riot takes look at this we could get a better system. I had this idea in my mind that would most likely help a lot of good players that are losing their LP due to autofill. I want to introduce you into Autofill System v2.0 **Autofill System v2.0** This is pretty much common to a system that is currently in the game, but with a few touches that will hopefully help a lot. The best thing about this system is that it can improve the winrate of many players. Imagine the following situation: On one side of the rift, we have a Diamond IV smurf {{champion:238}} On Mid Line and on the other side of the rift, a 30% winrate on ranked Silver {{champion:157}} Main in a ranked match. Zed Crushes Yasuo and carries out the game. He is already preparing for the next game so he could climb as fast as he expected. While Yasuo is trying to accomplish the same thing (LOL?) But This time both of them in champion select got autofill to... Let's assume it was support for both. Now they both can just dodge, right? **meh, no, no they can't** **Why?** {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}} This is the first problem in the current autofill system.They can easily get autofilled next game since they main mid. Now I will get back to that later, but let me continue the story. Since they both got autofill support they will have to play it for autofill protection in further climbing. Yasuo's team had really good mid laner and jungler, While Zed had a team that was... well let's say facechecking a bush quite a lot. Game Ended, This time Yasuo Won, Zed Lost. Yasuo MMR slightly increased, while Zed's got decreased a bit, and due to that game, he might not skip division, which could have been his milestone in climbing. **So what is the point of the story? What is the conclusion? ** **In short terms -** Zed was better mid laner, don't autofill him. I know what you are thinking let me finish. **In long terms (with explanation) - **Zed is an amazing mid laner, Yasuo isn't at all, but he won the second game due to the position he was in(his gameplay skills and plays weren't as important as for when he plays mid), While on the other side Zed guy plays mid only since he is a high elo player. He can play decent support because he knows the fundamentals of the game but meh, isn't good enough to carry out a silver game. **So Final Conclusion is:** _**Autofill System v2.0** Is autofilling players based on their game performance and winrate ratio._ What if that Yasuo will win more easily if he gets autofilled more often, also not to mention his future teammates, they will also lose less since that {{champion:157}} Hardstuck with 3000 Games in silver got autofilled and plays a less efficient role in the game. Also {{champion:238}} Main could continue his climbing without any interruptions, all until he reaches the highest he can get, and then get autofilled due to less good performance on his main elo. That would make everyone happy, wouldn't it? Let's take a look at facts about the current autofill system (This is info is based on 2017's Ask Riot): **1. The more recently you autofilled, the less likely you are to see it in the next few games 2. Playing support or filling dramatically lessens your chance of being autofilled, even after protection wears off 3. Putting support as a secondary choice no longer heavily favours support 4. The likelihood of getting your primary position is much better now 5. Dodging a lobby does not reduce the chance of you being autofilled next game** Cool, so, you pretty much can't escape it often enough, and the 4th fact doesn't seem to be 100% true? And **Autofill v2.0** will have the job to do the next things. 1. Give autofill to players that didn't have a good performance on their main role, (based on the last 10 Games on that Position, or even more simply based on a big losing streak). 2. Give Autofill protection to people who are on a win streak in their main roles. (Let's say 3-4 Wins in a row.) 3.If you Lost a game while on the win streak, Autofill v2.0 won't have you on its radar until you get 2 Games lost in a row. 4. Queue timers are almost the same as now based on my thoughts at least. 5. Will help you climb if you have hardstuck Yasuo from this story on your team because he won't even get to play him,he just got autofilled support and you got mid and a chance to carry as you expected YAY! What are your opinions about **Autofill v2.0**? Should it be a thing? Let me know your thoughts down in the comments.
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