Why does league fills unplayable lately

I am a casual player, not tryharding for rank. I log in after work and try to have some fun. But lately i am really discouraged from playing duo to how i win or lose my games. My games all end if 15 to 20 minutes. Win or Lose. And it is not that they are short , but how unplayable it has become to play when you are behind. And i miss the days when the Baron buff didn't gave steroids to minions and there was no {{item:3060}} . I mean have you seen a 20 minute push with Herald, Baron buff, a massive wave, and Yorick . Oh, and some other 4 champions. How DAFUQ ca you stop that. I follow mainly LCS some times some other regions, but lately i cant remember a good comeback game. And if you think that i think like this because i lose it is not true. I win more than i lose. Not by all that much but still my wins are not really satisfying. When i played jungle (mainly Jarvan) it was farm ,gang for 15 minutes,try to get a small lead, Herald, Baron, Game over. And once in a while a late game GG (win or lose) with a few good team fights. I dont know. Just to me it feels like the game is not that fun anymore.
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