Is the botlane problem really on ADCs?

So, Riot is making big changes to ADC soon, partly because its too easy for lategame/crit ADCs to get through laning, even against strong laners. But is that really because of how ADCs work? - Well, partly of course, it is because of strong defensive itemization/runes, like dorans shield and fleet footwork. But I would argue that a big part of that problem are actually supports and their incredible strength in the early game. I think that supports have by far the most impact during bot laning. ADCs lack damage and cc to make actual plays and also have to focus on farming. Its the supports, that deal the most damage, have the cc and/or do the healing during laning. Therefore, even if you match Lucian vs Trist, the main battle is still going to be between the supports, while the ADCs just tag along. So why would anyone pick an early game ADC? The supports have far more impact during laning, while ADCs just try to get the final hit and farm up. - I think if Riot wants to improve the performance of early game ADCs, they will have to tune back the supports early impact a little bit, to allow ADCs to shine a bit more. ~ Just my thoughts, discuss...

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