Kalista is BROKEN champion that need to be FIXED

Hello guys. I been playing this game for almost 4 years now.. And it's been one hell of fight and fun with the players,friends,ranked YOU NAME IT!... So today i played ranked 5v5 enemy picked Kalista i was playing Olaf and it was going good.... i had 12/2 kills and i start to gank... And when i went to gank on Kalista, i notice she had {{item:3085}} and some small items.. So when i attacked she hit me 2,3 times and fall back very fast!! i {{summoner:4}} to kill her but she hit me 2-3 times and fall back 2-3 times i tried to get her but i did not WORK!!.... so i fall back and she attackd me... i attacked back and she keep hit me and fall back OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!!...... What is this how can RIOT not see this BROKEN champion that need to be FIXED!! NOW!!!!!!.... PLEASE take look at this video..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GErO9aBPxsA Riot should be shamed of this......
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