my last placement game

Captured with Lightshot
So far i should get a extra provisional game , if Riot thinks that this is normal... , i mean how the %%%% i can play my provisional games in such conditions ??? My support morgana , get to invade and not even help us with her q... , to catch enemy , then she goes to mid ... ,then she comes bot and die and say she had lag... , then later she tell me that she come to play ranked only for missions... ,OFC RIOT OFC... , i am tired of this ... , please make ping tests before you que people , and pls don't que people with high ping in provisional games thank you !!! ( i doubt he had ping problems , i just think he want to troll/grief me ,after i seen his behaviour ). What else i can say ,my zed was standing afk , then getting to lane , using flash for nothing , but totally fine , i mean you not apply rules for most of people , troll/grief can happen so many times and not even now on the start of season you will not care , and you will ignore most of troll/grief . I know you will ... , my chances to believe you will do something about someone troll/grief behaviour are close to 1% ... , because so much i know you and your system , i know in reality how much work you put into providing us fair games... , and yeah is close to 0 , because everyone who is toxic/troll/grief/play extremly bad and not being ready to play ranked is allowed to f21441 our games... ,what we got in exchange nothing ... , we just loss and loss and loss .
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