Thoughts about the new Fiora

First off, I want to mention that I loved to play the old Fiora since I started playing League. When I heard about the upcoming rework I was somehow excited and looking foreward to it. Her abilities look pretty interesting with not only one way of using it. In theory she appears to be very strong and usefull: - her passive grants her **%HP true dmg**, **MS** & a **little heal** - her Q can be used** freely** and can **apply on-hit effects** - the W is able to parrey **everything** and even** slow/stun** the enemy - her E provides an **intense slow** and a **garanteed crit ** - the ult **reveales all 4 vitals** and can** heal** all her allies massively This sounds really really strong at first.... Finally, when she hit live - and got enabled one day later - i've picked her 10 times so far in normal games on toplane: It is a lot of fun playing her. It feels good Q-ing around freely and procing the Vitals **but** her new kit lacks of some things in my oppinion: In lane it is essential to proc the enemy's Vitals,** however** it depends on pure luck whether the Vitals appear at a spot where Fiora can just Q forwards /at one side to proc it or at a spot - like behind the target - where Fiora has barely an opportunity to hit it. Then her W: this spell is very strong and it is kinda easy blocking enemy skill-shots like {{champion:25}} Q or {{champion:101}} E. But in most cases in a fight, Firoa's Riposte is used almost randomly. It then becomes really hard to time a spell with only a .75 timeframe to **effectively** dodge something especially in teamfights. Her new E is ok... And then there is that "weird" ultimate: on paper, it seems to be insanely strong; in reality it is almost not viable. If you use it to fully duel an enemy champion, the ult will force you to entirely walk/Q around the target to hit all those Vitals. --> this will cost so much dps while the opponent can freely attack you the way he wants. Yet the worst aspect - to me - is that you can hardly do anything to initiate teamfights without extremely good teamplay and synergie. On top of that you can't move freely in teamfights like the old Fiora could with Blade Waltz because the new Fiora does not have sufficient defense or rather the possiblilty of turning untagetable over a **longer** duration - the W does not provide the safety that is required. I know I am neither a professional nor experienced enough with the new Fiora but I came up with some changes that could make her duelling viability a bit more accurate: W's timeframe increased from .75 seconds to 1.25 seconds and can be reactivated to end the effect earlier. 20% cd refund if it parreys dmg from an enemy champ, 40% it if stuns an enemy. R : on activation the ult markes the target with **one** 360° Vital so the player can proc it from **any** direction, then after 1 second a new 360° Vital appears up to 4 times. this woud make it much easier to get the ult working and due to the 1 second delay between the Vitals, it would keep Fiora from being too bursty. Please feel free to leave a comment and share your oppinion on the new Fiora. {{summoner:13}}
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