Meta is a big pile of Dead Teemos.

So we have - Support,Marksman,Mage,Fighter,Tank,Jungler. - you either pick something from this and go on a ( community deemed suitable ) lane or you are a TROLL and REPORTED automatically and it doesnt matter if you do good or bad. Basicaly as a guy who rarely goes META i am bullied every single game for everything. Whenever i have in a team guys that suck ( fail on lane, refuse to do objectives ) i am the one who gets reported for a troll pick ( even though i didnt fail and did the objectives ). I had this ranked game i went AP ALISTAR mid ( that got me to platinum 1 last season/almost dia in a first place ). I was a first pick everything went smooth i got my usuall portion of flame in a champ selection chat and we got to the game. From that point on i was flamed for things like : jungler fail smited dragon = my fault because troll pick top ( riven ) dieing 1v3 = my fault because whatever reason not joining the fight becuase i was already low on hp and mana from the previous fight where i got double kill = my bad my fault i am a troll and reported and permabanned and have to get cancer and go afk and f*uck my mother and suck someone´s c*ck. I am not going to say that i am holy and i dont make mistakes, i do, but at least i am not blaming somebody else for them. In the end i got 4 reports from my team. tl;dr - Riot should really consider to stop this champion deviding bullsh*t and bring more variety to picks and champions ( via recommended item builds most likely ) or at least ENCOURAGE to try new things.
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