dont worry this stupid meta wont last long

hey there im akise and If you are worried about this current meta im here to calm you down. so looking at this from a neutral point of view I must say that I cant really blame riot for this. they just try to make the game fresh with every new patch wich makes them do risky stuff like this. what I wont deny is how bad they messed this up and all because playing adc is impossible at this point but lets think about this. adc is useless right now wich means there are atleast 20 unplayable champions there is no way this is gone un noticed by riot and I have faith they will fix this eventually. I say eventually because it might take some time to rebalance the game with the new aatrox rework coming. and to be honest they might screw up even more before fixing the problem. point Is this wont last long just like banner of command meta. if you ask me what should be changed ill simply say. nerf {{champion:84}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:11}} the reason these champs need a nerf is because from what ive noticed these champs are way to strong anywhere they go and in any elo. with master yi being stupidly op when fighting baron melting it within like 10-15 seconds if you have 3 items. even faster when with teammates. irelia because I just fcking hate how she gets tanky with damage and with a free escape free lane and decent scaling. brand because supp brand 1 shots teams with r wich Is stupid. akali because my god how stupid her gap close is combined with her infinite healing and esape. and Camille because %%%% that im not even gonna explain Camille everyone knows shes stupid
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