Has solo queue officially been scrapped?

Hello As we all know a aprt of the new dynamic queue is that you can have 3-4 man premades. While some think this is a great feature, i personally hate it. I find premades to generally be more toxic, constantly non meta and they significantly reduce the impact i can have on a game as a solo player. I know theres something to be said for increased teamplay and coordination but i just dont see it in my games, and even though im low elo its clear that some people are getting carried higher than they should be in the new system. I had heard they were introducing a true solo queue, which would be perfect for me because, simply put i want to earn gold knowing i did it myself. Then i heard the feature was now scrapped. The two things that really break my spirit in lol at the moment are getting my preferred role ranked less than 20% of the time or getting stuck with a 3-4 man premade for the reasons above. Is the solo queue idea still under development? i really hope so Thanks
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