Why did you gut Ashe so hard in 5.22? (esp. her Q)

So 5.22 has been out for a few weeks and I feel that the changes you made to Ashe, specifically her Q, feel horrible. I'm not a huge fan of the crit -> slow increase change but I can cope with it (especially since you were so nice to make her W always crit in regards to applying the slow). But the Q? Why? It's terrible now. It takes ages to get 5 stacks by just auto attacking. You have to push your lane in order to be able to use it in a trade. If the enemy composition doesn't allow you to constantly auto attack during a teamfight it's extremely hard to even get 5 stacks. _The stacks fall off faster than it takes to stack them and between not being able to stack them through abilities, runaans not working for stacking them, it not stacking while it's currently being used and not being able to use Q with less than 5 stacks I honestly don't see why you even removed the cooldown. _ The cases where the new Q actually has more uptime than the old Q, even tho the new one has no CD, are extremely rare and 90% of the time strictly lategame. (haven't been able to profit from the removed cooldown in the early game at all yet. When does an early game skirmish ever last long enough for 5 AAs, Q duration, another 5 AAs and then still profiting from the 2nd Q? Even in lategame fights it's currently kinda rare to get to AA that much with how bursty teamcomps are) Ashe still seems to have a balanced winrate but from a long term Ashe main: The current Q feels horrible. I was **SO** happy when Ashes rework came around and made her a viable and contested pick. But right now it just feels bad. If you don't get to autoattack for 30 seconds straight she might aswell not have Q at all. (btw. even tho her winrate seems balanced, her popularity seems very low. She's down there with Kogmaw and Varus <=5% while Caitlyn rocks almost 29% playrate) * Poke heavy game? Well guess who's absolutely never going to be able to stack and use her Q * Loaded Assassin zoning you? Who needs 4 abilities anyways? * Lane phase and you don't want to push the lane because their jungler is MIA? Better hope the enemy doesn't try anything because you'd have to fight without your Q The ability is greyed out SO MUCH and it feels REALLY BAD. Especially since it seems to have a really weird delay before it actually activates after gaining 5 stacks. Like when I'm doing scuttle crab I'm going 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 HIT Q, nothing happens ... now Q activates and I can click it. Please just revert it back to how it was.** I mean what was even the problem with it for you to change it in the first place?** Ashe was hardly overpowered (tho finally viable - even strong). Or change it somehow. Do something with it. It feels BAAAAAD. Really bad. The current Q is a terrible ability and it feels terrible having to play with it. Proposed changes: * Make it NOT work on structures again * Make it stackable through abilities again or reduce the amount of stacks required to 3 * Make it activateable with less than max stacks again for the attackspeed * Put the cooldown back. (Unless you have a low threat high tankiness enemy team it's highly unlikely to get multiple uses out of it right now anyways) Or do something else. Just make the ability useful again. It's shit right now. In my honest opinion. Sure it's just my shitty little opinion but I guess it's worth voicing it. Ashe's Q right now feels bad. I feel like with all the buffs to other marksmen there was no reason to hit Ashe so hard. It's almost like she's back to her pre rework state - playable but kind of underwhelming. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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