Is it impossible to get a friendly, cooperating team in ranked?

Everytime I go for a ranked game, it feels like it doesn't matter how well I'm playing or how much I win my lane. I can get super-fed in lane and have a few cooperative members in my team who are willing to make a strategy and such... But there's always at least 1 guy who just jumps in 1v5 and doesnt listen to the team. Yes, i can report him, but for what use? He won't get banned, I'll never see the guy again and I'll get a new dude like him next game. Atm I'm silver and I would like to just reach gold, but it's impossible because there's always an AFK, a flamer, a ragequitter or a dude that goes 1v5 and doesnt listen to the team... Or people get tilted because the other team is early game and they just give up on staying positive and trying to stall for late game. I thought that maybe in a higher rank I would get this problem less. But it's impossible to get there it seems. And I cant make a ranked team, because my friends that also play LoL are also not teamplayers and give up easily. I always try to carry the game, but as an ADC (what I mostly play in ranked) you can't do much when your team doesn't protect you because they're too busy focussing the tank... "Oh don't mind me, dying unprotected in the backline". Are there some people out there that can help me? Is there a team I can join that does have teamplay?
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