So........We can get Championship Riven but not Riot Singed?

Ive been playing since season 3 now and i remember the days and times ive amailed Rito, to beg them for such skins of "champ (season 2) Riven" and "Riot singed". Finaly in these latter days Rito has seen fit to grace us and bless us with a (no longer) highly rare skin. seeing as it makes sense as there ae other skin of the same group/family. Now if this is the case. Riot Singed need to be released too. They have Riot skin Event every year with {{champion:10}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:75}} and if you want to, (as i dont think it is) you can also count {{champion:18}} with her riot skin. Now these are available, so why not singed if hes also part of the same group/family. I love collecting skins and like to make sets, as a collector not only do i want that skin, I need that skin. Aldso i love playing singed and many others do. So Rito ............. Can you finaly please release the skin? NP
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