I can't play out of the meta as a supp? pls Riot...

I just saw the Singed supp who wrote about his suspension, why the fuckk did you suspend him? For playing singed supp and actually win? Look the guy got proves on that he actually communicate with the team and tell them that he is going to play singed jungle and what he is going to do. this pisses me of because i'm supp mainer, when I saw the idea he did there I thought wow this guy went to a whole new level with the supp. And that's what we need, Riot. New things to the Supp! we get nothing just a few new items and here you go... pls... this guy found a new way to play support and which looks fun and you suspend him.. You never mentioned that you will suspend people out of the meta? So I played different champs as a support to try something new, like, zac, mao, ahri, LB, Amumu, Azir Never got banned for it because I know I have the right to try somehing new. or... is it only in LCS it's allowed to play of the meta? you dissapoint me Riot, you dissapoint every support mainer For my next games I will play without Sighstone and without exhaust plus champions out of the meta
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