This has to stop.

The amount of boosters lately is going over the roof. I swear to you there's one in ever 3 games I play, either in my team or the enemy. Which results in a complete bash from one side to the other.The thing is these rats are so easy to spot, finishing the game with 5k damage in a 30 min game is not something that is possible when you are playing in your own elo. I can fully understand that the enemy can snowball you but doing 5k damage is something that even soraka can do in 15 mins by just harassing in the lane. The issue that created this was **obviously dynamicQ**, I can hardly believe that one game can have this many boosted players that are saturated around low plat and/or low gold. For me this really breaks the game in a way that it crushes my feelings towards this game. I can't just enjoy it like this. Riot please I beg of you, give back soloQ this is going really really out of the hand!!

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