Singed and Teemo buffs

Singed and teemo have been champions that I hold dearly in my heart, both thematically being honorable opponents in the top lane who look to fight with outmost decency and valiant solo laners who would never accept defeat. Yet I feel like there is some buffs needed to these 2 champs 1. Teemo”s w should passively give him movespeed so he is harder to catch and better at kiting. Also when his q is used he can still apply effect like lichbane on his next auto attack. 2. Singed should receive base stats like 90 health regen and 90 ap when he uses his ultimate at max rank since he definitely needs the damage and tankiness, as rn he is too squishy 3. Singed Fling should stop people from using mobility escapes such as Tristana jump if timed correctly 4. Both should be able to apply enhanced Liandries Torment damage if they buy frozen heart.

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