Shields are broken and ruin this game

I don't get why shields take into account the champion's resistances. It doesn't make any sense. I always thought of shields as a way to deal with true damage. Like in real life if someone would shoot a poisoned arrow at you and you SHIELD yourself with a certain amount of paper sheets. How does your poison resistance help the strength of your paper sheet shield? Paper sheets would slow the arrow down or stop it if they are strong enough but they wouldnt be stronger because you react to poison in a different way. Why even call it shield in the first place if its just temporary hp? Its counter intuitive and the masteries that benefit shields like ruinc armor or windspeakers blessing + items just buff that stuff up to insane proportions. Courage of the colossus is another thing that is wrong with this game. CC is really strong in this game...why make it even stronger with masteries like that? thresh with that mastery is just ridiculous right now and you dont even have to be good at hitting your just flash in use flay and ult and you get a giant shield Janna is a champ that is all about shielding. that's pretty much your only job as janna you shield your adc for 5 seconds and on second 6 you cast shield again... and that shield even gives him ad. Thats not a fun thing to play against or play as. i could also list the champs that abuse those masteries on jungle or top like rek, poppy, mao, heca... Theres so much stuff that benefit shields but nothing actually counters shields. No Item that helps you to destroy them either active or champ and no mastery and no summoner spell (ignite only affects healing not "temporary hp gain" aka shield) What i enjoy about this game is champs like vel'koz xerath or the former malzahar. where you actually have to hit stuff to be useful. i main and love velkoz because of his Q which is without a doubt the coolest mechanic in the entire game. I usually go for velkoz support because botlane is the lane where you fight the most but its becoming less and less rewarding in this game to hit skillshots...
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