where are SHEN buffs? was RITO lying to us ? does it know that shen exists ?

shen is played by a lot ,like a lot of people , and every single one of them is complaining about his very very very weak csing , (his Q does not do enough damage to kill minions underturret ), this is a very huge problem and can impact a lot of games , shen is a tank , why is it so important that I get tiamat which is a damage item and was nerfed ,when sometimes I need to get armor or mr to sustain in lane due to shen being weak against ranged matchups ? or should I loose 40 cs to tower every 10 mins? finally RIOT said something about buffing him in patch 9.2 but now patch 9.3 is in PBE and nothing yet ? I'm trying out every game to not tilt when I see my enemy irelia cleans minions with Q in a fraction or darius with his Q ,or garen with his spin , ......... pretty much every toplaner have some cs ability while I need to solve 90 equation in my mind to cs as max as I can with a very nerfed Q and 0 damage auto attacks :x we are not asking for some huge damage buffs or something like that , we don't want him to be that op and have insane banrate , the only thing we are asking for is either increasing his Q damage to minions so that he can kill ranged minions after 1 towerhit . or make his Q execute the minions it passes through or near . just what in the name of god is wrong with these RIOTERS !

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