I think season 7 is probably the most toxic of all seasons.

Ok last season we had the sunfire and iceborn cancer combo, and before that we had the tank meta which was horseshit too. BUT SEASON 7? Oh fuck me this takes the cake and it's only just started, it's like every bad aspect from every season thrown into one. Champions don't have any clearly defined role anymore you have fucking adcs that tanks, tanks that can't tank, mages that are assassins, assassins that are fighters like what the actual fuck - it doesn't even make sense anymore. I was Garen vs a Vayne, my team focused her down - and I ulted her (as a Villian) for like 1k+ true damage and she just tanked it through redemption and a bunch of shields, so basically my ult doesn't even execute anymore like wtf. Then healed up to full with like 2 aa's. Piss off. The reworked assassin are just as BS, when tanks got reworked they were BS when marksmen got reworked they were BS. It's so dumb hopefully they all get nerfed to shit just uuuuuuuuugh. Fuck this season so much. Oh and not to mention every champion pretty much has a reliable escape now except any of the old champions which makes it so much easier for shitty hit and run tactics and to recover from your mistakes (even if you made a completely retarded move).
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