Bad habits - played too much Ezreal

I think I don't have to argue much about Ezreal's skill order for Level 3 being Q - E - Q, followed by maxing Mystic Shot then Arcan Shift. Now... I basically played only Ezreal for whenever I was trying to actually win last season. With the new season however, I started getting into Quinn and Miss Fortune, which I both like a lot. However I noticed a habit from playing Ezreal: I almost always Max Q first, even with Quinn and MF, which still is fine I assume, but then I automatically max E second too... :( And sometimes it even happens to me to put a 2nd point in Q when hitting Level 3, which isn't a good thing at all to do on Quinn and MF. v.v ---------------- Another bad Habit of mine is that I'm used to having 2 green wards, so I always stick to the green trinket, even tho I wanna take Len's... but I feel like I can't ward enough just with 2 pinks (where I only can place one) Q_Q At least I don't automatically swap to red trinket I guess. x3 ------------------ Do you have any habits like these? That make you play... subpar, even if you know about it, but just do it anyway cus of being used to it?
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