Shen (8th attempt in 3 years)

I would like to countinue my series of threads about how weak is Shen and how mastering him is a disgusting experience since rework. Below there's a list of my most recent attempts to bring this question to RIOT attention. Of course not only I got no answer but I even can't find a single official statement about this clunky ninja in any place on the internet. * [I got 2.000.199 mastery points on Shen just to ask one question]( * [Shen (6th attempt in 2 years)]( * [Shen (5th attempt in 2 years)]( Recap for people who refuse to read all previous threads. * Statistics say that Shen is in garbage tier since S5 * Since S4 there have been just nerfs and a failed rework that made his cons worse and pros weaker * Indirect nerfs to items and the meta in general hit him even further * Item pool is the most limited in this game. Items like TF, IG, FH on paper are the way to go but they all provide tons of useless mana and gold wasted * The same problem applies to runes. Many good runes simply can't scale with him or give you bonuses that you can't use * Keystone mastery not found. I'm forced to stick to aftershock just because there's nothing better * His inflexibility is legendary. Same build, same items. Want to try something different? You'll find no difference. Build as tank. End of the story * Adaptive bonuses drive me crazy! I don't need AD! I want AP! At least let me choose what I want! * Every bonus that amplifies something based on AP or AD can be ignored since Shen has no AD and AP at all * Scalings? Nope! Other champs can enjoy seeing their spells getting stronger and stronger by stacking AD, AP, HP and even movement speed but Shen is on another level. Q and R scales with AP. Shen AP is equal to zero therefore no scalings. W doesn't scale. E scales with HP in a way that is noticeable if you reach 4k HP (never due to low base stats) * His cool downs are hilarious. 18 seconds for W and E. That means 36 seconds combined. R is 200. During team fights you rarely manage to land the same spell twice. It's not funny at all if you consider that your attack speed is comparable to Gromp one * In a world where champs like Taric can make an entire team invulnerable, Soraka 1-100% multiple targets in few seconds with healings, Lulu can just R to make her target invincible, Kindred can save people safely from distance (...) Shen needs 3 seconds to provide a shield of 175 units every 200 seconds. Just think about it, Janna provide bigger shields in 18 to 10 seconds plus AD bonus * Azir soldiers, Teemo mushrooms, Shaco boxes, Maokai plants, Yorick souls and Maiden, Zed shadows, Heimer turrets... when you play against them do you see any arrow pointing to their stuff? Of course not, you should be careful and learn how to counter them. Then why Shen has an arrow constantly pointing to his blade so that enemy team can clearly see where the blade is and avoid it? It makes no sense * As soon as he's picked in pro-play he's nerfed. Why? 5 premades means perfect use of R. Too bad that I play with 5 random strangers that very rarely understand my intentions and don't know how my W work for them * Since S4 I find Shen way more useful as Support or even Jung than Top which is stupid since his main role is top lane * His gameplay is clunky. Spells with delayed effects, channeling, W is useless against spells, huge cooldowns, slow at moving, attacking, pushing. He counters no one, always has difficult matchups, easily zoned, poked, outfamed and punished for mistakes * The truth is that Shen can do many things but he's not good at anything Last but no least all the champions listed below have better base stats than Shen **up to level 18**. I am not joking. Some of them are not even tanks or late game champions. The super-funny thing is that this list is not complete. There are many more! {{champion:57}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:91}} Years ago when I played Shen top I get used to compare my base stats to my opponents in top lane. My stats were always inferior even compared to Tristana (lot of years ago she was played top for like 2 weeks). Now that I main support I realized that it wasn't an exception. My stats in early game are lower than almost every ADC and support I face. Excuse me, who is the tank? Me or Tristana? How the hell is possible that my offensive, defensive and utility base statistics are lower than almost every ADC!? «Shen is a late game champion» they say... In early I'm squishier than an ADC, in mid game I deal less damage than Sona, I have the longest cooldowns of this game on 2 spells, no scalings, the most restrictive selection of items and runes... meanwhile Yasuo, Yorick, Camille, Kayne are perfectly fine. But hey, I'm balanced. Yeah, I'm balanced if you compare me to Gromp. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Here are my ideas to make Shen decent: * R should make its target invulnerable during channeling. This will provide a more entertaining outcome for both teams * Items and runes that give mana or mana regen should reward Shen with something else. Energy regen would be the most logical option in my opinion. It's almost unnoticeable but at least it would be something when you run out of energy like 4 to 6 times per game * Let me choose my adaptive bonus. I'm sure many Shen players value AP more than AD. Being able to go in lane with 20-30 AP like Janna/Sona will give us the flexibility we need. I'm tired of going with full tank runes. Let me go aggressive and squishy. This will finally open us different item paths. Nothing extraordinary but at least I could consider to buy an AP item for example * Give us some scalings even if it's as small as a coin. Buying items just for their flat bonuses they give is frustrating * Remove that damned arrow that always point to our blade! If you don't want then I want the same arrow to spot Azir soldiers, Maokai plants and Heimer turrets hiding in bushes. Deal? I accept both scenarios
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