Bring back the reward after the game! Disappointed!

I'm strongly disagree with the new system. This exp/level reward totally boolsh*t! From 31 lvl I got 2 champion shard, one disenchant gives me 90 blue essence, else 630................. So for new champ for 6300 BE I need 10 of this capsules, 10 levels, right? 10 LEVELS??? Are u seriously? {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} We can assume that in the future, for example 90 lvl I'll be needed to play more then 500 games to unlock the new champion? And as longer you playing, as older your account, then more you need to play games with the release of every new champion? Looks like this game coming pay to win.. Now this is not only the "skins" for money, devs forcing me to unlock the champions for RP, the champions are the game content.... I do not agree with this at all. I hope u realize that if you do not remove this st*pid system based on lvl your game died pretty fast! I am still playing this game only because the microtranzations do not influence on the gameplay, but this reward system completely kills this idea and my interest to continue playing this game. I don't want to reach the point when new META imbalance champion will be so good, that I can't deal with him in the game and I can't buy it myself. **Guys, do not let these greedy сhinese bosses kill the game. Riot! Riot all together! This can not be left like this!** _(sry for the inglish, I hoping my text makes sense)_
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