What to change in Fiora? (Main for 2 years)

Hey Rito :D With the title in mind here's what I think so far from my rework... Passive: Awesome Q: Awesome (max first) W: Awesome, no need to change, or take the channeling for it, since for what I can deny if used properly, I will be able to walk out anyway E: Good, I loved the old steroid for like 4 seconds but oh well, slow and 100% crit not bad (max second) R: It's a bit hard to use, mainly if you have to run around, but perhaps you could make the heal stick to Fiora rather the place where the enemy died, so she could walk with it, and help her team, wherever the fight is happening, instead of having to be stopped to heal. Maybe if you could give her just a tad more of damage / mobility she would feel perfect, and that R change. I've read that you're already looking to buff her a bit, so I'm waiting to see. Thank you kindly. {{champion:114}}
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