I guess bad luck is a thing...

This is mostly a rant post but can also be a discussion if you have any helpful advice. I've always been one of those players who believes that you can just climb if you are good enough and keep playing well but this season has really broken that for me and it could be negativity bias and all of that stuff but every time I have reached Silver 1 I have hit some bad luck like you wouldn't believe and I don't mean one or 2 games of afk's and feeding teams but I am now in Silver 1 for about the 8th time this season and once again I am hit by these teams. I think a cause of this is being gold in season 4, gold 2 in season 5 and now stuck in silver for season 6 so I partly blame the new queue and champion select forcing me to specialise. I dont expect my team to carry but just not to feed, I would love a silver 1 game where the first time i see their adc or mid laner isn't when they have 8 kills. 02 Days 20 Hours 30 Minutes 15 seconds left to go at the time of writing this... All I know is my luck will turn and I will make it to gold or I will be in silver hating dynamic queue and looking forward to the return of soloQ in season 7. I guess some people can be stuck in a division from luck.
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