The community has taken my firend

The community has taken my friend, Ljubo, i dont recognize him, this great time he came to me for smalltalk or general talk while playinggame is over, wwhat happened? and i miss them by hell. Think it startet, when the community mixed up with him, He changed. He writes very few and no longer talks with me. Language changed to a short lol stysle. I was often careful when adding new person, ,,take care dont add this guy" scratching at the door, but it didnt help. When he doesnt come back, why i am waiting for him, when theres no hope, i dont know anybody that could fill out his role, dont want it. The League community changed from a symbol of fun and game to a symbol of pain for me. As if this wide city places are eating me with their darkness at night, makes this pain stronger, like before the first day, i knew him.
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