This isn't fair at all !!!!!!

So i was playing a ranked Game, fighting to get to my Promos to Gold to the 4th Time!!! then during the game, i get this Patcher disconnected message and the client crashes, and i tried to reconnect to the game, but the client won't open, so i restarted my Computer, and went back to the game ( after like 6-8 minutes AFK >Cause of the Client< ), after 5 minutes from my re connection, i steal the Baron Nashor, then after 3 minutes of that , we win the game, cz of Baron, and when i was happy that i was going to get FINALLY to gold Promos, i get -17 LP for this AFK!!! the Disconnect was some bug of the Client and now i take responsibility and i lose my Chance to get to Gold! this isn't fair at all ...
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