All lose lane = lose game?

Hello everybody! I'm Bobbayunga, nice to meet you! I'm a player who wants to improve and learn how to become better every day. I'm currently platinum 4 and I'm having struggels climbing out of this rank. So I thought maybe the community can help me with some tips :) . My main role is adc and i'm currently playing 3 or 4 champions (xayah, caitlyn, jinx and sometimes Jhin) and I have noticed that I lose a lot of games, because the whole team losses lane early, like dying once or twice and than i feel the game is not winnable anymore. You cannot get objectives because the enemy moves into your jungle because the tier one towers are gone, they have vision in your jungle everywhere etc.. Now I know what you are thinking. "Oh yeah you lose a lot of games because you lose lane, ever tried playing safe and farm". But that's not the point! And I do play safe after one death, but still, it's pretty hard to come back. Has anyone tips for this problem? Thanks in advance!!! fyi: I don't care what rank you are, it's experiences that counts!! :)
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