Yi Taric combo is not a joke.

Yi banned in every game, both in my games and in challengers streams I watched yesterday. We made the mistakes to not ban him last game and paid the heavy price. Although we managed to kill him several times, push turrets and took a massive lead on all the lanes. Taric and Yi won the game at some point because ahead on levels and cs. Althoug, it is clear that Yi is countered with CC, it's much harder when taric is there to ult him to a point where, they litteraly 2vs5 us despites our massive lead. Bear in mind that, yi... can kill somebody in a few seconds, can dodge stuff with his Q, and when he lands (when you're supposed to CC), he's under taric ult. Destroying your team one by one without having to do anything else than pressing Q and auto-following his targets. Well, I'm sorry for YI OTP, but I won't fail to ban Yi until this get nerfed. Although, I'm pretty sure this can't be nerf by simply reducing damage so it may requires some structural changes to the game. New historical permaban champion?
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