Improving so slowly now... :(

Been playing League for almost 3 years now. I really like the game and in every game I play, I do my best, trying to improve. The first year since I started playing, I knew absolutely nothing about this game. At the start of the season ranked I got into bronze after placements and ended up in plat 5 at the end of the season. So all of that took me a year. Starting from 0. The next year I managed to get into Diamond 5, but then I was stuck there the whole time. This year, highest I went was diamond 2 but didn't last very long. (Maybe I was just on a lucky streak to get there...) But I Diamond 4 where I'm stuck mostly. Not much difference from Diamond 5. So I'm basically stuck around low Diamond for sooooo long. I feel I wasn't able to improve as rapidly compared to when I was all new. I spend the same much time as I've always had in League. Sometimes looking up for strategies. Not a fan of watching streams, but I do that sometimes trying to improve. But for those of you who reached higher in Diamond and even Master/Challenger. Like, how to improve to get there? What would a low Diamond be needing to get higher? I've been stuck in this for over a year...I must be doing something wrong cuz I'm getting nowhere... xd (The account I post on is a side account I practice stuff I'm bad with)

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