The worst and better season (Questionary)

As riot dont care about our feedback, well theres my question about what in your opinion was the best and the worst seasons. Btw this game is so broken, that runescape (not a rlly good game its acctualy better than this) Iam srry about my english is so broken as this game. In my opinion the best seasons was 2-3-4 The worst was season 5 and 6 (speccialy 6, is probably where the game as been fu**** up) Riot i just want to let u know, if u cant handle the game atleast listen the opinions about the members/players. Most of them are extremily salty, because u did the worst and most useless updates in the games. And ofc you dont care more about the tribunal and the support riot games is fully programmeed to copy and past messages (not kappa) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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